5 days, 6 designs, 1750 copies, 5250 impressions. 

Words can not express how thankful we are to all the Vera friends who hung out this week and printed or brought food or laughter or just their happy smiling faces. This was a crazy huge project!

Thank you to KEXP for the opportunity to be such a huge part of their New Home Grand Opening! We are beyond happy to have them as Vera’s new neighbors.

Stay tuned for more photos of all the amazing posters that were printed this week and find out more about the incredible artists they worked with us on this!

KEXP Executive Director Tom Mara with VERA Project Executive Director Tim Lennon show off the finished prints for KEXP's New Home Grand Opening

KEXP Executive Director Tom Mara with VERA Project Executive Director Tim Lennon show off the finished prints for KEXP’s New Home Grand Opening

Members of The VERA Project Screen Committee with Jeff Kleinsmith's finished Festival Prints

Members of The VERA Project Screen Committee (L-R Kelsey Gallo, Alex Frye, Laura Crisler, Malia Seavey) with Jeff Kleinsmith’s finished Festival Prints


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KEXP Grand Opening

Strand Of Oaks - by Barry Blankenship

Printing is almost finished! You should come to the KEXP Grand Opening tomorrow at their New Home at the Seattle Center, and enjoy music from Bob Mould, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Hey Marseilles, Strand of Oaks and pick up your limited edition prints! There are less than 100 of each of them.

Additional music from dozens of artist, Easy Street Records Pop-Up Shop, Food Trucks, Microsoft Presents: Inside the Music of KEXP interactive installation, surprise guests, and much more…

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First poster has 6 colors… 300 posters. 


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It is about to get crazy here

Bubble is pissed

Fogland is proud to be hosting The VERA Project Screen Committee in printing posters for the KEXP Grand Opening!! Bubbles is looking at all of the paper that is going to be turning into awesome posters by Jeff Kleinsmith, Chelsea Wirtz, Victor Melendez, Barry Blankenship and Tory Franklin, and frankly…he is a little pissed off.

Oh yeah, there is also a stack there for The Sonics: Live At Easy Street release on Record Store Day…

Stay turned. Progress will be posted here.

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Zine Machine Festival Poster

Fogland’s Eric Carnell once again got to collaborate with comic legend Pat Moriarty to produce this print for the Zine Machine Comics Festival in Durham, NC.

It is a little tough to tell, the photos make it look more black and white, when it is really powder blue and navy…but still, the line work is unreal, even in the photos.

Always fun printing Pat’s stuff, it is not like anyone others.

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The Real Squeegeeville

Squeegee Central

I keep hearing that there is a place in Canuckistan called Squeegeeville…not sure about that, but I do know that it looks nothing like this…defectors?

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February’s Fogbook is finished!

February Fogbooks

Here it is, the Fogbook from February is finished! It is almost a cool to look at, as it was fun to draw. So many great pages, and great drawings. Over 30 artists showed up to draw this one!

Drop us a line if you would like to get your hands on one while they last

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More weird stuff

Bass Drum Head

This week has been a continuation of printing weird promotional objects. Today we were working on these drum heads for our dear friends at Sway Mechanika making custom stave drums. The drums are amazing, and they also make beautiful live edge tables, and other fantastic wood products.


Yesterday, we were working with the a design team from one of the largest ad companies in the world to work on these unbelievably funny and disgustingly fake chemical cherry smelling items…

Verizon Urinal Plate

It is what it looks like it is…

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Weird Stuff

Screen Printing isn’t all about t-shirts. In fact, we don’t print them at Fogland. But each of our printers works on all kinds of other weird projects.

Anything that can be made (relatively) flat can be printed with conventional manual screen printing. Here is an example of making a really makeshift jig to flatten and immobilize the object to be printed, and the final product, in this case license plate holders for Seattle Drum School!

drum school setup

Using post it notes to immobilize and level the surface

Drum School License Plates

Finished license plate once printed

Seattle Drum School license plates

Rows of finished license plates for Seattle Drum School!

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February Drawing Jam

Foglands first drawing jam of 2016 is here!

Come draw with us and we will screen print and bind it into a book. Everyone who draws will get a free copy of the book when it is finished! We provide the supplies so just bring yourself!

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