About Fogland

Fogland Studios is a collective arts workspace where screen printing, book making, and other arts co-exist. We host drawing jams and make art books as a group. We also have individual art and commercial projects that we work on our shared space.

The senior members of the studio are:

Eric Carnell
Eric Carnell is an artist, educator, screen printer, software engineer and community organizer based out of Seattle, WA. He has held Art Director jobs at dozens of companies, and worked as support staff for Adobe’s PhotoShop, PhotoDisc, and oversaw the launch of Getty Images GETTYONE as worldwide web technical manager. He has been the principle operator of the Independence Printage Corporation since 2007 where he produces merchandising campaigns, print consulting, and educational curriculum development.

As an artist, he has been working as a freelance designer since the mid 90s, specializing in record covers, corporate logos, brand merchandising, and poster design.

Carnell started screen printing at the age of 10, and has utilized the medium for most of his career, creating products, promotional pieces and merchandise for some of the largest bands in industry, and working with some of the biggest designers in the medium.

In 2005 he started sharing working as a freelance teaching artist. Sharing his passion for screen printing and design with the world by hosting workshops, seminars, and live demonstrations in partnerships with Seattle Art Museum, The American Poster Institute, and the Screen Graphics Institute of America, among others.

In addition he works directly with a select group of printers as part of the collective group Fogland Studios, and through The VERA Project, held the Committee Chair position since 2009.

Jon Horn
Jon Horn is an artist, printer, writer, publisher and educator. He moved to Seattle in 2008 after 4 years teaching in France, Scotland & Korea. He is a former volunteer of both The Zine Archive and Publishing Project & The Vera Project and co-founded the printmaking collective Fogland Studios in 2013. He is the creator of the science history trading card series Supramystic Saga and launched ZAPP’s periodic zine Xenographic. In 2015, he was made an advisory board member of Seattle’s comix and arts festival, Short Run. He is deeply suspicious of convenience, categories & human exceptionalism.

Rainey Warren

Kelsey Gallo
Kelsey Gallo is a screenprinter, illustrator, designer and troublemaker. She loves all things print and the tangible sensation of ink on paper.

Her hobbies include soccer, hockey, camping, drawing, screen printing and good beer. She was recently voted most likely to take the meeting off topic and is known to be wildly inappropriate.
She strongly dislikes writing bios.

David Gallo
David Gallo is a designer and artist with a love of screen printing. One of the first students of the Vera Project’s, screen printing program, David gave back to the same community by making posters, running open sessions, teaching classes, and serving as chair of the screen printing committee for a few years as well. David’s work has been published in Gigposters vol. 2 and Seattle’s The Stranger publication. His work has also been a part of the Art of Modern Rock poster show (Bumbershoot), Seattle-Havana poster show(Bumbershoot & CDAV in Havana), the Poster Museum show in Seattle, two shows at Seattle’s City Hall, Happy Together show in Havana and in multiple Flatstock and Paperstock exhibits. His work can be seen at www.weaponsofmassdesign.com and www.iheartwhitespace.com .

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