Fogland en Habana!

(Warning! I swear and use shit grammar)

This has been sitting in the fucking drafts folder a month. Ugh. 

I’d hoped to post at least once a day while in Cuba. However internet isn’t really a thing here because they don’t have open wifi signals everywhere and believe it or not, Starbucks doesn’t exist here. So no free wifi. So you have to go to the shops or hotels and purchase cards, like a calling card but for Internet. The first post I made to Instagram, I was logged in to my internet card in hotel bar checking hockey scores (GO BIRDS) while sipping a mojito. So this might be a long post about several days. I’m also now sitting in a hotel lobby sipping mojitos and uploading this. (BIRDS SWEEP KELOWNA!)Ok so Monday was 10 miles of walking and touristy stuff and rum. 

On Tuesday we stopped at Clandestina to install the Intergalactic David Bowie day poster show.

We are planning to have a big closing party on the 30th and Clandestina is said to have some of the best parties in Havana Vieja! I’ll post photos once I’m back in Miami. 

Since Tuesday we’ve been to several gallery shows so far as well the opening of The Seattle Havana Tehran poster show. 

Many of you may have seen this show at Bumbershoot 2015, only 4 of the designers in the show: Chad Lundberg, Sean Waple, David Gallo and myself were able to attend. But there are Seattle artists like Jeff Kleinsmith, Chelsea Wirtz, Andrew Crawshaw and many others in the show as well. 

We’ve attended several lectures including one by Emory Douglas who is responsible for the art and images in the Black Panther newspaper. Seriously look him up! 

We aren’t just attending gallery shows and design lectures however. WE ARE PRINTING! We are working at Taller René Portacarrero serigraphy shop with our friend Darwin Fornez. 

They have 5 One-Arm Bandits set up here and about 2-3 drying racks per station.

(Ok it’s gross and hazy because Thursday morning the Cuban government was spraying for Mosquitos. Trying to prevent Zika)

The screens are huge as well, so the washout is huge! But this is only for reclaiming screens. They also stretch their own screens! 

The exposure room also has a small wash out and that is were they wash a freshly exposed screen. 

It’s got drawers. 

There is so much more. But I’m hot and sweaty and they are filming Rapido Y Furioso Ocho on the malecón so traffic is a mess and cab rides are costing us more. 

Today I’m went to the cemetery and that will probably not be a story I share. We then went to CaCa en Tallé. Which is part Flatstock part poster competition and screened the Happy Together project. (I’ll post about that when I get home)

Tomorrow(Saturday) is CaCaStock! Which is Flatstock but in Cuba. We will be doing the drawing portion of the Fogland en Cuba book there then move the printing to Clandestina in the afternoon to hang with Bowie. We’ve had so many people ask about the drawing that I think it’s going to fill up faster than any book we’ve ever done!

There is so much more but the longer I type the more rum I drink so it gets weird and I need to sleep. 

Goodnight Fogland and I probably won’t post again till Monday but then I’ll be in Miami airport for 8 hours. 

They also let David print. That’s a funny story. 

This is the piece I worked on with Nelson Ponce. I’ll post more about Love/Hate later!


Poster for CaCa en Tallé 

I have so many pictures I can wait to share more!!!

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